Maintenance Of Lace Wig

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The Correct Way To Use a Lace Wig

1.Combing Action To Light

Wig set should be combed before use, wear a wig set after a little combing can be. Combing wigs generally use a more sparse comb is good, combing wigs to use the oblique side combing method, not straight comb, and the action should be light.


2.Do Not Use Hair Clips

In order to prevent the wind from wig set scraping away, some people like to use hair clips to clip the wig. However, clip hair can not be too strong. Otherwise, it is easy to hook the bad wig net cover. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, can be used on the wig decorative hair band to fix the hair.

3.Do Not Wring With Hands When Washing

Often wear the hair cover, generally two to three months to wash once appropriate. Before washing, use a comb to comb the wig, then use a dilute conditioner solution to comb while washing. Do not use your hands to rub and twist, not to mention the wig foam in the washing solution. Instead, use your hands to gently rinse the foam from the top in the direction of the hair strands and then cool dry, never in the sun.


Lace Wig Care Essentials

Wigs are bound to get dirty and stick to dust over time, so we need to take care of them from time to time.

The right care steps will make the wig last longer.

  1. The use of wig special non-oil maintenance solution can make the wig become soft and shiny and can prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been kept in a moist state as just bought back.
  2. wig in the use of the process, if there is a knot situation, must remember, can not use strong to comb, otherwise it may lead to wig short or fall. It is best to buy maintenance wig water maintenance solution, spray on a good, and then combing.
  3. If the number of times worn is very little, it is recommended that 3 months to wash a, if the number of times worn is more, then you can choose to wash once every 1 to 2 months according to the specific circumstances.
  4. wash clean wig try not to use hair dryer and other high-temperature wind blowing dry, the application of dry towel gently absorb the excess moisture on the wig and then put to ventilation to avoid damage to the wig caused by direct sunlight.
  5. wig is best to use cold water or warm water to clean, wash with the general shampoo on OK can be combined with the general conditioner.


Specific Steps To Wash Lace Wig

  1. use the wig special comb to comb the wig smooth (with steel tooth comb), MM note, curly hair, in addition to bangs and the top of the head straight place, other places with curl is best to use hands smooth, can not use a comb.
  2. Place the wig in cold water for 5-10 minutes. The time should not be too long, if too long, the hair is easy to fall off.
  3. first soak the wig on the wig special bracket, and then change a basin of water, and then choose the wig special washing solution into the water and stir well, remember to never scrub hard oh, just use your hands to gently grab a grasp of the hair can.
  4. After washing it for a basin of water, cast clean with water, and then soaked with wig-specific care solution and removed.
  5. will be washed wig, placed on top of the wig special bracket, with a dry towel (2-3 pieces) will be wig on the water to absorb dry.
  6. After the towel has absorbed the water, wait for the hair to dry naturally on the rack. To be placed in a cool place to dry naturally, not the sun.
  7. When the wig is dry to ninety percent, use your hands to gently grab a grip on the hair, and then use the wig special comb to wig bangs and the top of the head comb smooth.
  8. For washed wigs, if you do not need to wear it often, you should also spray a little hair spray oil.
  9. When the wig is completely dry, use a hair net to cover the washed wig, put it in a breathable sealable plastic bag and put it in a dry place to keep it.