How to change mouse settings in Lost Ark

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One of the first steps you'll take when laying out your control strategy during Lost Ark is deciding whether you'd like to Lost Ark Boosting utilize left-click or right-click as the standard attack button. Although this decision might appear to be permanent at first especially with the way some of the game's settings are displayed, there are ways to alter your mouse controls in your in-game choices.

In fact, Lost Ark has a quite extensive system that permits players to set up their buttons as well as customize the way they play based on different kinds of games. Yet, mouse controls are more difficult than other hotkeys to optimize.

For changing your mouse's settings in Lost Ark, the first step you'll need to take is open your game's In-game options by holding the Escape key. Once you've done that, you'll find several dropdown menus available. Choose the menu that is titled "Hotkeys" to access your controls and button-mapping options.

Once you're on your "Hotkeys" menu, navigate downwards to locate the section called "Basic Controls." If you glance over, you'll see two red boxes , each with an icon for your mouse inside. Also, you'll find the lock icon in front of these boxes, indicating they can't be altered.

But even though your mouse controls are inherently locked, don't worryabout it, you'll have the option to examine your settings more and you'll see an option "Attack using Right-click" in the next few boxes. Switch this box on cheap Lost Ark Gold or off based on which mouse button is more comfortable for you to work with.