The added two days ensure adequate rest and pre-game for matches

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Taking into account the specific situation in the specific circumstances, taking into consideration the specific circumstances, Bureau of the Council decided in buy FUT 22 Coins a unique and exclusive manner for South America to facilitate the playing of an extra match in each of these windows by adding two additional release days.

The added two days ensure adequate rest and pre-game for matches. It also reflects the longer distances to travel in and around South America, thus safeguarding player health and wellbeing by reducing negative impact of this hectic schedule. The schedule will also allow for fair competition as with a faster return to clubs of the players involved.

FIFA has been contacted regarding the controversial timing of the gold medal Olympics contest in Sweden and Canada.Sweden's women's soccer team have sent an email to FIFA as they push for their Olympics gold medal match against Canada to be rescheduled. The game's final date is set to be held at Tokyo on Friday, and will kick off at 11am local time when temperatures are expected to be at least 30 degrees Celsius and 70 percent humidity.

A number of athletes at the Olympics have had to deal with challenging weather conditions at this year's Games and Sweden have asked that their match time be changed to ensure the health of their players. Every other football match at the tournament has been held in the late afternoon or evening . the gold medal match between the men scheduled to start at 8.30pm on Saturday night.

Sweden are set to participate in the final whenever they are required to but they're hoping for a time change , with Canada apparently also in FIFA 22 Coins favor of starting later on Friday. "I myself have been in touch with FIFA today and sent a letter to them, and that's how things are today," Marika Domanski Lyfors who is the Swedish head of their women's soccer team, told Reuters.