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Most people envision a scenario in which children reside with a single parent, often the mother, when they hear the word "child custody." In reality, though, there are a variety of child custody agreements, and one that is less common may be optimal for you and your family. Possessing a thorough understanding of the different forms of custody may be quite advantageous, allowing you to properly assess your alternatives.

Before settling on a child custody agreement, it is usually crucial to discuss the living circumstances of your children with your ex-spouse. Your viewpoint needs to be heard, and as a parent, you have certain rights. If you are worried about child custody, it might be beneficial to consult with an experienced child custody attorney. They may be able to help you get favorable custody conditions. 

There are a variety of typical and uncommon child custody arrangements. In shared physical custody, both parents share the responsibilities and tasks associated with living with the kid. Both parents collaborate on the creation of a "parenting schedule" that specifies when the kid will reside with each parent. This may be the greatest choice for families with tight ties.

Contrary to shared physical custody agreements, in Joint legal custody, one parent has exclusive physical custody of the kid. Both parents maintain the right to make crucial choices about their children's welfare, including how to raise them - where to send them to school and their religious upbringing.

The most prevalent living arrangement is Sole physical custody. One parent has full-time custody of the kid and makes all choices about the child's well-being on a daily basis. The parent may share legal custody with the other parent or have exclusive legal custody. The other parent may have visitation rights, which allow him or her to see and spend time with the kid.

Ultimately, who and where your kid resides depends on what the courts determine to be in their best interests. If a parent displays addicted or abusive tendencies, custody and visitation rights are less likely to be granted. Consequently, it is always to your best advantage to contact an experienced child custody attorney.

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