The most common method of the installation process

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World of Warcraft addons are the best option to make the MMO's old user interface alive and kicking into 2022 WOTLK Classic Gold. There have been very few modifications of the initial UI since the game's launch in 2004 and it shows the age of the game, however addons can improve its ageing aesthetic. Whether you want to change the style completely, or simplify some of the tedious tasks easier--or create on-screen prompts to aid you in surviving the mechanics of a tough boss challenge, there's likely to be an addon that does the job.

WoW's UI will undergo significant changes in the coming Dragonflight expansion, giving players more options in how you'd like your interface to look , without the use of third-party plugins. But that's still quite a way off , and even then it's likely that there will be a amount of additional add-ons to maintain the improvements in quality of life which we've all grown used to over the years.

There's a wealth of WoW addons to choose from and it's easy to get overwhelmed if not sure what to search for. Those listed here are some of the most well-known, together with some of our favorites. No matter if you're playing for hours every day or just checking in once or twice a week, you're sure to discover something that will help make your time in Azeroth less stressful.

Before jumping straight in to the list of WoW extensions further down This is the essential information you'll should know about getting these working.

How to install WoW add-ons

The most common method of the installation process of WoW addons is by using an addon manager which has always been several to choose from. But Overwolf purchased CurseForge, WoW's biggest addon repository, back in 2020 . The company has also put a stop to other addon management tools accessing the API cheap WOTLK Classic Gold. The apps like WowUp will continue to work however you won't be in a position to install or update extensions from CurseForge.