Sports games are always one of the most popular

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"The launch of EA SPORTS FC will not impact any current EA Sports global football tournaments as well as EA as well as FIFA are thrilled to release the biggest 2K23 MT, most extensive EA SPORTS FIFA ever at the end of the year," EA said in the statement. "Our final FIFA product will also feature more game modes players, features, teams leagues, players and competitions than the prior edition."

The fall of 2012, Cam Weber, EA Sports' chief executive officer and general manager reported that the firm was re-evaluating its licensing contract with FIFA, considering the enormous variety of licenses that the game has already received, from different soccer leagues and teams, and what the FIFA brand actually brought to the game. The following day, the company revealed that EA had obtained trademarks from the U.K. for a game called "EA Soccer FC."

In the statement issued on Tuesday, EA chief executive Andrew Wilson said EA Sports FC will be "the largest and most influential football club in the world, at the very center of football fans."

"For nearly 30 years, we've created the biggest football club in the world that includes hundreds of million of athletes, thousands athlete partners, and hundreds of federations, leagues, and teams" Wilson said. "EA SPORTS FC is the team for every one of them, as well as for all football fans.

Looking at the details the statement shows how little FIFA's branding actually brought to a game that also has exclusive partnership agreements with the UEFA Champions League tournament, the English Premier League, most of Italy's Serie A clubs, South America's Copa Libertadores club championship, as well as other brands not operated or controlled by FIFA. The statement on Tuesday from Electronic Arts mentioned that EA Sports FC will be able to offer "more than 300 individual licensed partners, allowing players access to more than 19,000 players, spread across 700 teams, spread across 100 stadiums, and in more than 30 leagues in the world."

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Sports games are always one of the most popular video game franchises available, which is why Madden NFL is among them. Madden NFL series happens to be one of the most famous from that. The annual releases of the series have consistently managed to reach the top of the charts and ensure that it brings in lots of cash at Electronic Arts, and despite experiencing lows and highs, the series has been able to sell over 130 million copies and generate more than $4 billion in revenue. Being the most well-known football video game on the market Buy NBA 2K MT, it is not a surprise that players are already anticipating Madden NFL 23.