Dragon Ball: The argument that ancestors trumps offspring is not valid?

Dragon Ball: Why does the saying that the ancestor is better than the offspring does not hold true in the world of Dragon Ball?

In many comic works, the ancestors tend to have more powerful strength, and the descendants will gradually lose the powerful combat power of the ancestors over time. For this, some people also say why in the world of "Dragon Ball" Doesn't have a strong ancestor? Of course, some people will deny it, thinking that there have been guys like "Gula" in Dragon Ball, so it is still the ancestor who overpowers the offspring. So what is it like? We might as well take a look together.

Saiyan strength
In fact, although the Saiyans are a fighting nation, most of the Saiyans are not so powerful at all. Most Saiyans are lower-level fighters, which is only at the level of Latiz, and the legendary "Super Saiyans" "It’s not even found one in 1,000 years, so in the comics, Vegeta thinks that Super Saiyan is an unfounded legend, and Super Saiyan was originally when Saiyan reached his limit. The cell mutations that occur under the influence of emotions, but once the parents break this limit, the offspring will be more likely to transform, so later Trunks and others can all transform, so much so that Vegeta ridiculed The super game is bad.

Everything is due to cell mutation
In fact, except for the Saiyan side, everyone else is the same. For example, the famous bully Frieza is also a good example. There are ancestors like Gula in the theater version, but this theater version is regarded as a parallel. Just look at the universe, because in the setting that Toriyama personally answered, as long as it was something that appeared in the theater version, Toriyama rejected all of it. For a long time, even Broly was not. The characters in the official history, until the birth of "Dragon Ball Super", which Akira Toriyama personally supervised, did Broly formally enter the official history of Dragon Ball.

Accumulated integration
In addition to mutation, there is another way to merge. It’s just that the so-called fusion takes a certain amount of time to accumulate. For example, the Namekians are a good example. We know that Piccolo has gained even more powerful power after undergoing two fusions. Therefore, theoretically speaking, as long as you continue to It’s fusion, then the Namekians can become very powerful through certain accumulation. This is also confirmed in the "Dragon Ball Super" comics. After dozens of combat-type Namekians are merged, they will even plan to Fight against Mo Luo, including the villain Sharu in "Dragon Ball Z", so it is not difficult to find that the so-called ancestor is stronger in Dragon Ball Trainers UK.