How to Adjust Air Pressure Regulator

An air compressor has turned into an integral part of our daily work life, especially if your work involves using Filter Regulator . Air compressors are quite versatile, whether it’s

An air compressor has turned into an integral part of our daily work life, especially if your work involves using Filter Regulator . Air compressors are quite versatile, whether it’s a menial task of your house or an industrial level job, they accomplish them effortlessly.

As there are plenty of varieties in air compressors depending on their features, so it’s up to you to decide which one to buy based upon your needs.

Speaking of features there’s one which is quite important and needs some time and knowledge to get around it, the pressure regulator.

How does a pressure regulator work and why is pressure adjustment important?

What controls the flow of air through the tank in the air compressor is a set screw. You can also picture this set screw as a large screw.

The set screw maintains the air pressure with the help of springs. These springs connect to the set screw with the help of shafts. These springs also produce enough force and strength to keep the valve open. At the opening of the valve is a small tube which transports the pressure inside the chamber.

Next item is the diaphragm which goes into motion as there is a change of pressure inside the regulator. The movement of the diaphragm in consonance with the air pressure enables the regulator to function correctly which ultimately helps in maintaining a steady level of the air pressure.

Now, if there is not enough pressure inside the regulator, there is only a movement of hot air through the air compressor. And, if the pressure in the regulator is beyond its upper limit, it will result in damaging the vital components of the air compressor.

Therefore, in order to prevent any damage to your air compressor or your air tools, it is crucial that the air flow through the air compressor hose should receive proper attention. Along with this, it is also essential to keep making pressure adjustments as you continue to work with your air tools.

Adjusting the pressure is also important because if you operate your air tools in accordance with the minimum pressure set by the manufacturer, it can prolong the longevity of your air tools. Pressure adjustment also reduces the usage of air which helps in bringing down the cost of energy in compressing the air. And finally, adjusting the pressure helps in reducing your air compressor’s cycle frequency which increases the life of the compressor.

In short, by following these easy steps above, now you know how to adjust air compressor pressure regulator like an expert and have your machine run smoothly in no time. Choose the right Standard Cylinder is also important, here I recommend you visit Filter Regulator manufacturer