Composition Of Lace Wigs And Main Function

As a Manufacturer Of Wigs, Specially Designed 100% Human Hair Curly Blonde Hair Lace Front Wig To Meet Women’s Daily Demands.

Hair products are accessories made of human hair, chemical fibres, animal hair, etc. After a series of processes The wig is made by a series of processes.

The hair products industry is divided into five main categories, including wind-up hair sets, hair blocks, hair accessories, teaching head and other major products, and divided into different sub-categories, forming thousands of The products are divided into different sub-categories, forming thousands of models.

Composition Of Lace Wigs

Lace Wig products are mainly available as head coverings, hair pieces and hair extensions:

The headgear range consists mainly of:

1.Front lace wig,

2.Full lace wig,

3.Mono wig,

4.Machine wig,

Material: MONO, French, Swiss, PU, NPU, etc.

Colors: skin colour, colour, brown and other colors are available on request.

Hair sets are classified:

(1). By area: wig set and wig piece. Wig set is the entire wig with the head, easy to wear, solid, covering a large area for a wide range of situations. Wig piece can be customized into different shapes and sizes according to different needs, with strong randomness, high fidelity and good breathability.

(2). According to the production method: machine weave hair and hand hook hair. Machine woven hair is made by machine. Generally mass-produced, inexpensive, but the realism is not ideal, heavy, breathable, easy to make the hair follicle blocked, easy to knot. Hand hooked hair is handmade, high authenticity, breathability, comfortable to wear, but the price is higher.

(3). From the process: machine weave head cover, half machine weave half hand weave head cover (generally for the front lace head cover), full lace head cover, Jewish wig, hair block, wig.

(4). In terms of use: doll hair, animation wigs, holiday wigs, women's wigs, men's wigs.

Hair pieces :

Hair pieces (Top Hairpieces & Toupee), also called hair pieces, are smaller and more flexible than headgear.

In foreign countries the hairpieces for women are called Top Hairpieces and the hairpieces for men are called Toupee;

According to the wearer group, can be divided into women's hair, men's hair, children's wigs, etc.

Hair extensions can be divided into:

Hair curtains, hair bundles, hair clips.


Generally it is the deformation of the hair extensions, classified as bangs, tresses, hair buns, etc.

By material, they can be divided into human hair products, synthetic silk products and mixed human hair and synthetic silk products.

Main Function Of Lace Wig

(1).Hair and make-up, covering gray hair, increasing hair volume, mixed styling;

(2).Make up for lack of hair, hair loss and other physical defects;

(3).Beauty and hairdressing teaching;

(4).To meet the needs of special professions (such as acting, lawyers and other industries).


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