Lost Ark: Players can obtain secret maps through the Chaos Gate to obtain hidden treasures

For those looking to get a lot of gold and rare loot, the Chaos Gate is a great place to get these items.

For those looking to get a lot of gold and rare loot, the Chaos Gate is a great place to get these items. This article will explain to you how the Chaos Gate works and the various benefits you can get from it. Also, as an aside, if you need Lost Ark Gold, you can get Lost Ark Gold for cheap and 100% safe at MMOWTS.

The Chaos Gate is an instant event that rewards a secret map, which you can use to earn a lot of gold. If it comes to you, you must seize the opportunity, because you will never know when its next Lost Ark Buy Gold appearance will be. Also, players can only do the Chaos Gate once per day.

The Chaos Gate is known for dropping secret maps that mark the location of hidden treasures that can be found. If you want to check the details of the Chaos Gate event, you can click on the compass icon on the screen to bring up a menu with a large number of events. One such event is the Chaos Gate event, where you can see when it starts and more.

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You can also view the location of the event from the same menu and get there before the event starts. Event markers will appear on the map ten minutes before the start, and you'll be able to join the event with three other players and pass the mini-boss. After defeating all the mini-bosses, you can complete the Chaos Gate event and get a secret map and Rift Shards.

The secret map will drop at the end of the event, but these depend on whether you receive it or not, and the rarity of the map you get is random. After you get the maps, you can sell them for gold, or use them to find the location of hidden treasures and get rewards. Visit MMOWTS and Buy 100% Safe Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS at a discounted price.

If you decide to go on a treasure hunt, it is recommended that you find other players of the same rarity so that you can get three times the usual rewards. It's worth noting that it's important to make sure you and your teammates' secret maps are the same, otherwise your progress won't be counted.

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