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The main goal of the electric lifting column is to allow everyone to adjust their posture in any environment according

With the development of technology and society, technology has become a very important part of people's daily life. Automation equipment can meet the higher requirements of modern life for productivity, efficiency, and safety. Electric Lifting Column can meet these requirements. They allow automatic adjustment of equipment from various departments to adapt it to users and their specific needs for size, age and mobility. The equipment using our electric column brings comfort and safety to users, while optimizing time and efficiency.

Lifting column means that the column is composed of an electric actuator integrated with a telescopic tube. The actuator provides a push-pull function, and the telescopic tube provides a guiding function. The design of the lifting column can provide vertical movement for the items placed on it, allowing the height of many industrial, medical and comfort equipment to be adjusted.

The main goal of the electric lifting column is to allow everyone to adjust their posture in any environment according to the height and body shape of different people and to achieve the best height in any environment. The design of the fixed device is only a rough data, and it is not suitable for all users. Long-term use of these fixed devices with a height that is not very suitable may cause physical discomfort, shoulder and neck fatigue, and musculoskeletal diseases. For those companies that pay more and more attention to employee welfare, how to better realize employee ergonomics is a question worth considering. Adjustable equipment equipped with lifting columns can enable users to obtain the most comfortable height and posture, enabling employees to work more effectively, and improve productivity and motivation.

Nowadays, more and more industrial equipment begin to use electric lifting columns to adjust the height of the equipment, and can also automatically guide vehicles to move heavy objects more easily and safely. Lifting columns are often used to adjust the height of medical equipment, which is conducive to better maintaining the safety and comfort of patients and nursing staff. The movement of the electric lifting column is relatively stable and quiet, which is very suitable for medical environments, including medical care tables, veterinary tables, medical beds, radiology, ophthalmic equipment, and dentist chairs. Electric columns can also improve the daily life of people with reduced mobility, such as wheelchairs.

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