This is a fraction of the cost on the GE

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It's not as good as knives, but mage bows and runes arrows are pretty good. Iron knives work well, they are cheaper than bronze knives but they come with more stats. Yesterday I tried Black knives (p) that are cheaper then irons with much better stats.

I bought the black knives and was surprised to OSRS Gold For Sale find that they cost just 16 coins a piece. This is a fraction of the cost on the GE. It's not possible to get this amount of xp/hr at your level and you should try blades that are black. Flesh Crawlers since your P2P. What about an German world?

I failed for 5 days while playing 8 hours a day. (Ask Tcmp about what went wrong. Tcmp do not tell anyone.I got to know Tcmp quite well, and we became close friends. This was the most enjoyable aspect for me. We also got to know alot of people who we made money from. Tcmp You're aware of what I am talking about.) In the end I have found something I really like. Slayer!

So, since I am doing slayer right now I am likely to earn some profit from it. I'm just curious about one thing. After I bought Slayer gear, I'm left with 4 mil. With the bonus xp week coming up what else can buy to make money? If bonus xp weekend was not happening, would there be something I could buy or purchase in P2P?

BTW I have to kill Lesser Demons right now, so is there something worthwhile they drop that I can get. Cool: This may be not on topic, But me and Tcmp were in Buy OSRS Fire Cape Red Port Clan Wars just moving around. I then went off then Hunam Safe came and kill me! I am prob. in his vid now. I was wearing my gold the helm, but I am protected. After banking my helm, I went in to see that Hunam was pursuing Tcmp but Tcmp wasn't!