How to prevent the electric blanket from catching fire and what are the causes of the fire?

Electric blankets are often used in winter, so there will be many accidents with electric blankets, and fire is one of them, so how to prevent electric blankets from catching fire? What are the reasons for the fire?

1. How to prevent the electric blanket from catching fire

(1) Do not buy unqualified, fake or shoddy products. When buying electric blankets, look for the more common brands, and go to special electric blanket merchants to buy. If you buy online, you must carefully read the reviews of other buyers. independent judgment.

(2) When using the electric blanket, people should not stay away from the electric blanket. If you want to leave for a period of time, you should unplug the electric blanket to prevent problems with the electric blanket that cannot be resolved in time.

(3) Babies and people who cannot take care of themselves should pay attention to the people around when using the electric blanket. If a short circuit or leakage occurs, they cannot handle it by themselves.

(4) It is recommended not to turn it on for a long time, which will easily accelerate the aging of the heating wire of the electric blanket. It is best to warm up for half an hour before going to bed, and unplug the power supply when sleeping.


2. What are the reasons for electric blanket fire

The reason for the fire of the electric blanket is generally that the electric heating wire inside the electric blanket is short-circuited, which causes the temperature to be abnormal and catches fire.

(1) There are problems with the quality of the electric blanket itself, and fake and shoddy electric blankets are purchased.

(2) Electric blankets have been used for a long time, and the lines of the electric blankets have aged. There are potential safety hazards in the use of such electric blankets.

(3) Improper use of the electric blanket, such as folding the electric blanket or accidentally pouring water on the electric blanket when using it, will cause a short circuit of the electric blanket and cause a fire.


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