Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is getting a third-person mode

Excitingly, the beta period allowed us to take a good look at the game's third-person mode in action

 As Call of Duty fans wait for Activision to reveal the future of the franchise later today, some players have already been diving into the settings of the recent Modern Warfare 2 beta to spot new details. The beta, which is set to go live tomorrow evening, is available to preload now for those who have pre-ordered the game.

Excitingly, the beta period allowed us to take a good look at the game's third-person mode in action. Call of Duty is, of course, a FPS first and foremost, and so third-person hasn’t exactly been a mainstay in the series’ previous titles. However, thanks to some swanky new field-of-view options, anyone now has the choice to stare at the back of their character’s head, if they so desire.

Joseph Cecot, multiplayer design director at Infinity Ward, gave a bit more detail on third-person mode while it was announced at COD Next. Cecot said, "It's been a pet project for us, we've always wanted to do third-person, and all while we're working on other stuff we've been looking on doing third-person in each mode. The cool thing is that it's a modifier on our game, you can just turn on third-person. In the beta we'll be playing with it in Hardpoint, but we want to try it in post-launch with (Search and Destroy), we want to try it in (Battle Royale)."

The addition of a third-person mode would be a huge change for the first-person shooter. The last Call of Duty to feature a third-person playlist was the original Modern Warfare 2 back in 2009. It's return then for the reboot would be nice nod to the old series.

The FOV slider is also a much-requested feature by console players, have been one of the primary benefits of playing the series on PC. Adjusting field-of-view has typically been disabled on consoles due to performance-related issues.

If you missed out, don’t worry - between 22 and 23 September, anyone who’s preordered on Xbox, or Steam will be able to try it out (alongside all PlayStation users), and between 24 and 26 September, it’ll be open to everyone.

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